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"Powerwash Sim for the RPG crowd"


A wholesome & cosy shopkeeping game where you uncover, repair and clean trinkets, then customise and upcycle them to sell to your endless colourful customers.

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Spend your savings to upgrade your shop, buy new and better tools, even expand your business to exciting new districts across town!

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You will take delivery of a series of sacks every day, and contained in these sacks are lumps of Cruft. To get to the Trinket inside, you'll need to chip away carefully at that Cruft, and to do that you need a bunch of appropriate tools!


The metropolis known as Silver City is a gleaming example of our bright future. That is what the Beaumont family would have you believe - and for some, it is exactly that. For others, it is a melting pot of art, science and history that offers opportunities unfettered by money, manpower or morals. For the majority of people who call it home, it is a place of toil and imbalance. The gap between the haves and the have-nots seems to widen even as more and more people arrive looking for a way to make their fortune.

Silver City is unique in its geographic location - perched on the edge of what some say is a bottomless chasm - and in its geopolitical importance. As a result of all the mining activity, the canals that power its industry, and the utter monopoly it holds on a valuable substance known as Incense, Harkenfell as it was once known is home to some of the most boundary-pushing scientific research in the whole world of Fulcrum, its denizens (the richer ones) enjoying the fruits of technological advances that people even a few miles outside of the city walls can only dream of. 


It's you! The (so far) unnamed protagonist of the game is an orphaned little Goblin with big dreams... and the talent to realise them!

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